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Want a pen that draws and sketches with broad strokes in a breathtaking variety of colours? It’s as easy as pie with the fibre nib of this edding colourpen. This is the pen with the widest choice of colours in the entire edding range. We have the right colour for any creative idea! Its water-based, odourless ink can even turn labels, bookmarks and calendars on light coloured paper or card into works of art. But this pen is also great for landscapes and still lifes. And don’t forget the edding 55 fineliner, the ideal partner for this colourpen, thanks to its fine nib that creates sharp contours.nnThe colourpen has a 3 mm thick bullet nib and is available in an astonishing range of 40 colours. Rest assured, using the pen is far easier than choosing the right colour: Just pop the cap and off you go! The marker’s pigment ink is water-based and therefore odourless.

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